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mcbee1Competed for the first time in 2010 | Click here to view more photos

I started lifting weights about 5 years ago.  Hired a trainer at 24 hour fitness, because I had previously just done various cardio and some lifting DVD's at home and needed help, because I was clueless on how to lift weights or my way around the gym and its equipment.  In 2009 I watched my twin sister compete in her very first amateur body building competition and win the overall and her pro card.  At the end of that season she told me that I should compete and maybe try figure.  I had never watched the figure portion of the competitions, because Patricia did body building, so I didn't really know what it was about, but I decided I would train and compete in 2010.  I needed someone who would push me and help me for my first figure competition and to become a world figure champion, so i hired Matt Sanders. The idea of actually competing scared me to death.  I am by nature a little shy and the idea of getting up on stage in front of a room full of strangers was not my idea of fun!!  I guess I really decided to compete not because I wanted to win per se, but more as a way to push myself beyond my comfort zones or challenge myself to do something I would normally shy away from.  I did it more for personal growth and the experience.  So, in September of 2010 I competed in my first amateur figure competition in my hometown and won the overall in open short and the overall in 35+, winning my pro card in both categories.  It was a long day, but rewarding.  I honestly went into that competition with no expectations.  So, I then did 2 pro shows that year and won first place in my class at both.  2011 I competed in 3 competitions.  Won the overall in September at the Pro International and I am now the reigning IFPA World Figure Champion for 2011 for the Yorton Cup that was held in October.  I then competed in November in Figure America in Vegas in a different natural organization called the Musclemania.  I got 2nd place in my class there.  2011 was a tremendous year for me!! My plans for 2012 are not definite at the moment.  Below I outlined each competition.

  • KC Classics in Sept of 2010, first place open short, first place open 35+ (earned my pro card in both divisions on very first competition ever )
  • Gaspari Nutrition Pro in October of 2010 (first pro show) First place in Pro Tall
  • Musclepharm Yorton Cup 2010 first place place Pro Medium

  • KC Classics Pro International in Sept 0f 2011  First place and overall winner ( only one class )
  • Musclepharm Yorton Cup 2011 in Oct   First place Pro tall and Overall Winner.  Crowned the 2011 Figure Pro Winner, also won for Best Stage Presentation

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